Accreditation Resources

  File Name
Download  Academic Senate Agenda and Minutes.pdf
Download  ACCCA Mentor Program Announcement.pdf
Download  ACCJC Action Letter 02.06.15.pdf
Download  ACCJC Action Letter February 2014.pdf
Download  Accouncement of Training for Adjunct Faculty.pdf
Download  Accreditation Midterm Report Timeline 2015.pdf
Download  Accreditation Report Timeline.pdf
Download  Action Plan and Resource Allocation Request 2015-16.pdf
Download  Administrative Outcomes Program Review.pdf
Download  Announcement of Training on YCAFT - Memo to Academic Managers.pdf
Download  Annual Action Plan 2014-2015.pdf
Download  ARC Program Review.pdf
Download  Board Report - Examples of Student Learning Outcomes Implementation.pdf
Download  Brand PowerPoint Presentation.pdf
Download  Branding Exercise Responses.pdf
Download  Classified Evaluation Report 2015.pdf
Download  College Council Agenda and Minutes.pdf
Download  Communication and Technology Agenda and Minutes.pdf
Download  Comprehensive District Master Plan 2014-2015.pdf
Download  Comprehensive District Master Plan 2015-18.pdf
Download  Convocation Planning Worksheet.pdf
Download  Curriculum Committee Minutes.pdf
Download  CurricUNET Course Template.pdf
Download  DE Coordinator Request and Job Description.pdf
Download  DE Responsibility Matrix.pdf
Download  DE Surveys.pdf
Download  Deferred Maintenance Plan 2015-2016.pdf
Download  District Distance Education Agenda and Minutes.pdf
Download  District Resource Allocation Process and Model.pdf
Download  District Technology Committee Agenda and Minutes.pdf
Download  Diversity Committee Report to College Council.pdf
Download  Draft DE Handbook.pdf
Download  Examples of Student Learning Outcomes Implementation.pdf
Download  Fiscal Services Announcement.pdf
Download  Institutional Effectiveness Review Framework.pdf
Download  Institutional Effectiveness Review Framework.pdf
Download  Institutional Effectiveness Review Report.pdf
Download  Institutional Effectiveness Website.pdf
Download  iSLO Assessment Reports 2011-2013.pdf
Download  iSLO Survey Results Fall 2014.pdf
Download  Jump Start Schedule.pdf
Download  Keenan Safety Training.pdf
Download  LEARN Training Website.pdf
Download  Mission Statement Exercise from Planning Meeting January 8, 2015.pdf
Download  New Spring Employees PowerPoint.pdf
Download  Planning & Research - Student Learning Outcomes Webpage.pdf
Download  Planning & Research Student Learning Outcomes Reports.pdf
Download  Program Review Surveys.pdf
Download  Program Review Validation Process Report 2014-15.pdf
Download  Program Review Validation Team Agenda and Minutes.pdf
Download  Program Reviews.pdf
Download  Program SLO Assessment Results 2014-2015.pdf
Download  Resource Mapping 11.19.14.pdf
Download  Safety and CORE Training.pdf
Download  SENSE Survey 2013.pdf
Download  SLO Lane Newsletter.pdf
Download  SLO Minutes - AUOs Development.pdf
Download  SLO Status Update Fall 2014.pdf
Download  Student Equity Plan 2014.pdf
Download  Student Learning Outcome Committee Agendas and Minutes.pdf
Download  Student Learning Outcomes Agenda.pdf
Download  Student Learning Outcomes Committee Webpage.pdf
Download  Student Services Program Reviews 2014-2015.pdf
Download  Supplemental Instruction Announcement - Nkosi.pdf
Download  TracDat Training Announcement.pdf
Download  WCC Annual Flex Survey Results.pdf

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